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There’s a song called “Pioneer” by The Band Perry, and I strongly recommend you check it out. It’s beautiful, both lyrically and in a general sense. (You can listen to it here.)

All my life, I’ve dreamed big. So when I heard the song, I was immediately struck by the lines: “Oh, Pioneer, so young and brave/Be careful of the careful souls who doubt you along the way.” If there’s one thing that holds you back in life, it’s careful-minded people. Between their fear and their worry, they’ll create a thousand reasons about why you shouldn’t do what you are dreaming about.

I’m not saying nobody will support you. I’ve found that support comes from some pretty unlikely places, but it’s always there. More importantly, it’s inside of you. We’re all critical of ourselves at some point or another. I’m notorious for cutting myself down and doubting myself, but the moment that I feel confident and dare to dream, I feel more like an eagle soaring than a bird with a broken wing.

Growing up, I was always searching for a way to get out of my brother’s shadow. My brother was a great athlete, playing both basketball and baseball, even dabbling in football and tennis. In my very first year of middle school, I found myself buying soccer cleats and shin guards, something my mom had never done with my brother. I loved softball and basketball, but I needed more. I needed to do something on my own, something he hadn’t done before that would be an adventure.

It didn’t stop with soccer. It transitioned to baton twirling, then little things like staying at one college instead of transferring, or not taking a semester off. My brother did things his way, and it worked out wonderfully for him in the end. But I wanted to find my own way, a new way. This blog is nothing more than my thoughts and words about pioneering my own way through the world.


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